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What is X-script?
X-script started as a teen sitcom series and then I kept adding more and more stuff to it. Basically it's the story of a group of friends in their last year of high school - and all the sort of crazy things that happen.

Who is it about?
Comic reading, card playing, Dan Jones
Dan's girlfriend: Megan Ocean
Dan's ex-girlfriend: Anna Parker, who is desperately trying to win Dan back.
Jack Kaspar: torn between the popular people on the soccer team he captains, and Dan and his group of misfits.
Alysha Raul: who is either ultra smart and hiding it really well, or kind of crazy.
Simon Price: Enough angst for three people.

Tackling Santa: It begins here. It's Christmas time with all the chaos that the season usually brings. 

Dirty Money: What starts as a day at a local festival, ends up involving trudging through sewers, urban paintball, and kung fu. 

Fare is Fare: If you've never read X-script before, you can start here. I feel I really hit my stride with the writing here. The crew start off supporting Dan at a card game tournament but find themselves trapped in the CBD due to a taxi driver strike. What midnight mayhem can our heroes get up to?

Emo Trip: Anna's turning over a new leaf and turning herself in to the nerdy little girl she thinks Dan wants. It seems like perfect timing with a comic book event fast approaching. But when things blow up on the day, Anna's new facade may just make things more complicated than they need to be.

Fields of Grey: Dan and Simon both get late night jobs. Dan's working at the "Noodle Pah-Loo-Zah" Noodle Bar, having to deal with the colourful customers. Simon's going out and shooting possums. But what other darker plots are out there at 1AM in the morning?
S.C.U.D.S.: Super Cool Ultra Dan Squad: Megan's moving away, and Alysha has a half cooked plan to get her to stay. Make up a story about Megan being pregnant and tell it to Megan's dad. With Megan's father on a rampage through town, hunting for Dan, the crew need to defuse this situation before Megan's dad kills Dan!

Get a Whale: Kaspar has always been stuck between two worlds, his popular soccer buddies, and the Xscript crew. Now that Kaspar's got a new girlfriend there's even more of a wedge between him and Anna, which makes it hard to work on his latest project - organising volunteers at the local shopping center opening. A task that gets especially complicated when Anna's quirky storyteller grandfather shows up...
Chasing Tale: The origin of the X-script story is here! Told as an oral history, you can get your answers! Why does Simon hate Kaspar? How did Dan and Megan hook up? Who is the read haired guy? Find out today!

Puzzle Peace: The Climax of the X-script story! As Kaspar plays human chess across the city, Dan has to deal with the legacy left to him from his father's adventures. All the previous X-scripts have lead up to now. When the dust settles, who's left standing?

Parallel Lives: The final X-script story. With Megan gone, is it finally Anna's time to steal Dan? Does this mean Kaspar will never get the girl? Fate has other ideas in mind. Tune in for the finale of the writing project 10 years in the making.

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