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Sh! Ops.


The fan favourite Xscript Fiction series is here! Conceived as a cross between "Burn Notice" and "Phineas and Ferb", SH! Ops follows the adventures of Allison Tyler, and her enigmatic new friend, Lucas Courier. 

SH! Ops begins here! Allison Tyler's made a new friend. He's charming, handsome and witty but some things don't quite seem right with him. It could be that he doesn't want to introduce her to his friends. Maybe it's that there's a group of weird girls stalking him. It also could be the fact that he keeps talking about bringing about the zombie apocalypse. Each installment will show you Lucas Courier from a different perspective as Allison tries to piece together exactly who is her new friend.

SH! Ops next installment is complete. Allison Tyler thought becoming part of Lucas' Courier's crew would mean she'd understand him better. No such luck. As she joins in on his different schemes, she finds delving in to Lucas' past only makes things more complicated, especially when a particularly nasty shadow from Lucas' past returns...

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